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Synonyms for convict

find guilty


Synonyms for convict

a person serving a sentence in a jail or prison

a person who has been convicted of a criminal offense

References in classic literature ?
Now that we were out upon the dismal wilderness where they little thought I had been within eight or nine hours and had seen both men hiding, I considered for the first time, with great dread, if we should come upon them, would my particular convict suppose that it was I who had brought the soldiers there?
Surprised, leader-less, attacked in front by invisible foes, and finding egress cut off by the Convicts behind them, they at once -- after their manner -- lost all presence of mind, and raised the cry of "treachery".
Eight of us, five convicts and three sailors, said that we would not see it done.
After a short probationary experience of such low convict employments as lime-burning and road-mending, I was advanced to occupations more in harmony with my education.
A strip torn off his convict shirt secured the end firmly.
It seems they found means to bribe or buy off some of those who were expected to come in against them, and they wanted evidence for some time to convict them.
Hugh paused no longer, but goaded alike by the cries of the convicts, and by the impatience of the crowd, warned the man immediately behind him--the way was only wide enough for one abreast--to stand back, and wielded a sledge-hammer with such strength, that after a few blows the iron bent and broke, and gave them free admittance.
The shady waiting-rooms of the Circumlocution Office, where he passed a good deal of time in company with various troublesome Convicts who were under sentence to be broken alive on that wheel, had afforded Arthur Clennam ample leisure, in three or four successive days, to exhaust the subject of his late glimpse of Miss Wade and Tattycoram.
With the help of the money left to her by Svidrigailov, Sonia had long ago made her preparations to follow the party of convicts in which he was despatched to Siberia.
The monster had fled up the gutter-spout like a cat or a convict who--everybody knew that also--would scale the very skies, with the help of a gutter-spout.
One of these, concerning which I have said little, is the escaped convict upon the moor.
Convict Escapes," and ran: "Just before dawn this morning a shout for help was heard in the Convict Settlement at Sequah in this State.
But so far was she from being, in the words of Robert South, "in love with her own ruin," that the illusion was transient as lightning; cold reason came back to mock her spasmodic weakness; the ghastliness of her momentary pride would convict her, and recall her to reserved listlessness again.
But tie yourself up with a woman and, like a chained convict, you lose all freedom
Ellingworth, curate of the parish, who missed his clothes on rising at the usual hour; later in the morning those of the convict were discovered neatly folded at the bottom of a drawer.