conveyor belt

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The new conveyor belt system will replace manual manufacturing methods that had a slow turnaround time and inconsistent results.
Demand for conveyor belt is profoundly dependent on increase in industrial investments in a region.
The Global Conveyor Belt Industry Report 2015 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the conveyor belt industry.
Our ToughFlex Conveyor Belt Series also includes Specialized Belts for the most demanding industries, from cement and fertilizer production to underground and surface mining applications, withstanding temperatures up to 200 C and isolated temperatures up to 400 C:
While waiting for their luggage, it was believed Ms Terry placed little Vashti who was strapped to the baby carrier on the conveyor belt which was stationary at that time.
This was despite the fact he had not personally checked the conveyor belt to ensure it was isolated from the electrical supply and, therefore, could not start up accidentally or unintentionally.
All the materials are fed in on a conveyor belt and thrown against a solid wall.
The new product is made of renewable, biodegradable material, cuts power consumption and still offers the same physical characteristics as conventional conveyor belts.
The new press concept concentrates more on adjusting the press to the conveyor belt product.
Summary: A six-year-old boy has suffered a slight injury after getting his hand stuck in a conveyor belt at a railway station in China.
Because the same casting is coming out of molds--through shakeout and the shot blast--all clay long, it can be placed on a conveyor belt behind another casting of the same type and shuttled past workers, each performing a different task and then repositioning it on the belt.
That water isn't dense enough to sink and carry on the conveyor belt that usually brings warm currents from the tropics.
two shifts of workers head to the long, snaking conveyor belt to separate the salvageable material from the junk.
A seven-year-old girl was released by firefighters after getting her arm stuck in the conveyor belt at a supermarket check-out.