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a person who conveys (carries or transmits)


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Manufactures conveyor components and systems for various bulk materials handling industries.
The Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA, www.
1 WHAT: Series of conveyors for small part transfer.
But Fukumoto said it's nearly impossible for any rotary-style restaurant to maintain the required temperature on an uncovered conveyor.
Along with the compact design of low-profile conveyors, drive motors can be positioned anywhere along the conveyor.
Various aspects of an application will determine the best type of moving-bed conveyor.
Outside the plant wall, a hinged steel-belt conveyor elevates material discharged from the oscillating conveyor system.
Belt conveyors--Ideal for simple transportation of parts or materials without the need for part orientation, belt conveyors consist of two or more pulleys and an endless loop of the conveyor belt rotated around them.
For all these requirements, conveyor systems can be an ideal and efficient solution.
In addition to lateral turns, conveyor configurations can include flat or horizontal styles and inclines and declines used in creating angle and z-style conveyors.
com)-- Multi-Conveyor recently built a four (4) strand mild steel constructed indexing table-style-top conveyor, with two common drive assemblies, designed to convey corrugated cartons with stacked heavy metal product inside.
1 - Financial lease with the delivery of a new longwall conveyor and crusher longwall and device encapsulating the new conveyor tail gate, along with the crusher podscianowa, the spacer device and station footprint conveyor belt for coal mine Bielszowice.
The DynaClean Vertical Z Conveyor reduces the cost of ownership by offering a design that is much easier to clean than bucket conveyors, The conveyor is an ideal solution for food processing facilities that have a need to move product to higher elevations.