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Mr Atkinson said that he would have expected the sub-contractors to know how to isolate the conveyer belt from the electricity supply.
Concerning Stuart Jordan's article, "The Global Warming Crisis," I heard someone on TV say that there is a thirty-year cycle the ocean conveyer belt goes through which is the primary reason for the recent increase in storms.
For example, a conveyer belt was suggested to move the mixed samples to the screening area to avoid any repetitive and heavy lifting.
The Intervent conveyer belt sanitizer is a state of the art advanced technology that continuously kills bacteria on conveyer belts during food processing.
21 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Rubber conveyor belts, which include conveyer belts, V belts, synchronous belts and other kinds of transmission belts ( http://www.
EnVision said it received a letter from Habasit AG officials saying that it had the patents to the conveyer belts being used in the checkout lanes, according to enVision's lawsuit filed in U.