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legally transferable to the ownership of another

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Also, if a portion of the DC is set up for conveyable product, look for a standard (not customized) conveyor interface.
Selecting the appropriate ratio for use in adjusting the ATF price involves analyzing the factors involved in each right-of-way sale, such as the percentage of conveyable title, economic factors, and general location.
The new system allows Gottschalks to track the sorting of conveyable or non-conveyable merchandise throughout the Distribution Center using ASN information transmitted by vendors.
Convergence and affinity lie rather in the global poetics of a minimality-perceived and quietly transfigured as maximalness; of an embrace and honoring of those "tiny nothings" of our presence; of a by-passing of the blatancy of dominant values, esthetic and ethical, and a recognition of a meaning beyond reduction and systematization, residing within the infinite "simplicities" of the world's unfoldment, meditatable and conveyable via poetry's equally "simple" "threadings" and "tuggings," "diary jottings," and odelettes.
A determination must be made as to what constitutes conveyable condition.
Drop bottom containers, four-way fork entry types and containers with conveyable type runners are variations and their use is determined by product flow and the material handling methods-selected.
per hour, respectively, at maximum rpm, assuring a 100% efficient conveyable product and no slippage.