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Synonyms for convey

Synonyms for convey

to cause to come along with oneself

to move while supporting

to cause to be transferred from one to another

to serve as a conduit

to cause (a disease) to pass to another or others

to give expression to, as by gestures, facial aspects, or bodily posture

to change the ownership of (property) by means of a legal document

Synonyms for convey

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We would be pleased to help other companies and institutions set up a similar system to the Convey Law Free Legal Fee Competition that can easily help them achieve the fundraising goals that our chosen charities have benefited from.
Six days later, after being chased up about his bar bill, Convey fled with PS426 unpaid.
In fact Convey was taking the hotel to the cleaners and made off without paying his PS240 bill.
A handwritten card conveys a lot and has a strong personal touch to it," she said.
One can also use body language to convey certain impressions.
The most impressive performance is turned in by Krizner, whose Wilson conveys a haunting amalgam of sensuality, sadness and wisdom.
Second, Lane's book accessibly conveys the heritage and continuing vitality of desert and apophatic, or via negativa, spirituality - no small achievement.
Pawning a watch that had been given to him by his previous clients, the radio manufacturers, Convey put earnest money down on KFVE, a station based in University City that was off the air.
Notice here two distinct and separate tasks: first, to convey the text, and second, to instruct in its meaning.
Regardless of what form that passion takes, it's certain Yates' vision will say more than mere words could convey.
of a word, phrase, or sentence do not seem to convey the message,
Tax attorneys, as a general rule, will retain an accountant unfamiliar with the client to convey privileged communications to the CPA to protect the work product of the CPA.
com), a leading provider of enterprise social software solutions and services serving the learning, marketing and support markets for employees, customers and partners, announced that Convey Health Solutions, a leading specialty healthcare Business Process Outsourcing firm, has selected Mzinga's OmniSocial([R]) Learning to power its internal employee collaboration, training and communication initiatives, and expand into a community for customer experience and support.
At the show, the dryer will be fitted with the compact, self-contained MedLine TubeLoader, featuring a built-in vacuum motor able to convey 150 lb/hr nearly 20 ft.