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in a convex way


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Supra-anal plate short transverse, anterior border strongly concave and hind margin convexly rounded, but slightly excavated in the middle (Fig.
This functional form allows convexly increasing detection costs and includes the simple form of c times d, used in the theory section.
As a convex set, the image of the energy-Casimir map is convexly generated by the images of the stable equilibrium of system (1), namely,
The control specimens convexly swelled from the end grain to the specimen center, wherein the center swelling was significantly larger than that of the end grain.
Shell elongate with straight dorsal margin sloping posteriorly; anterior margin concave below beaks then rounding sharply before curving convexly into ventral margin; posterior margin straight dorsally, curving convexly into ventral margin; beaks located anterior of midlength, tightly incurved, prosogyrate; valve angulated from umbo to ventroposterior margin; surface with comarginal growth lamellae; anterior muscle scar well developed, hinge not observed.
4) We assume that the loss base of i is (weakly) convexly increasing in i's output level and increasing in asset-in-place, [x.
The snout is larger in the Brazilian sandperch and the dorsal profile of the head is less convexly shaped than in P.