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Synonyms for convexity

the property possessed by a convex shape

a shape that curves or bulges outward

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Holdaway6 said the ideal face has an H angle of 7-150, which is dictated by the patient's skeletal convexity.
We show next that economies of specialization are closely related to two fundamental concepts: economies of scale and convexity.
This shows that, in some sense, the positivity of the vth order q-fractional difference has a strong connection to the convexity of f (t).
As evident from Table 8, common location of intracranial meningioma is convexity of the skull.
In Section II, we consider addictions under time consistency and show that concavity of the utility" function may yield richer patterns of behavior as opposed to the cutoff rule implied by convexity.
Ponnusamy, "Starlikeness and convexity of generalized Bessel functions," Integral Transforms and Special Functions, vol.
To translate the MCPDP into a generic graph we devised a definition of set convexity specifically tailored to the structure of the problem.
TUMOR LOCATION: Commonest location in this study is cerebral convexity, 28 cases i.
As mentioned, in Part II we'll go into detail on duration and convexity.
At craniotomy, a large tumor was attached to the dura of the convexity but easily separable from the surrounding brain parenchyma.
3]-convexity have been considered extensively for many convexity parameters such as the Hull number [BRdSS13, [CDP.
Both facts are closely linked to the convexity of returns to education in the labor market.
Advanced topics included vector-valued functions, the implicit function theorem, extremal problems, matrix-valued holomorphic functions, matrix equations, realization theory, eigenvalue location and zero location problems, convexity, and some special results relating to matrices with nonnegative entries.
Zhou: Hermite-Hadamard-type inequalities for Riemann-Liouville fractional integrals via two kinds of convexity, Applicable Analysis, 2012, http://dxdoi.