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Synonyms for convexity

the property possessed by a convex shape

a shape that curves or bulges outward

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Panasci and Nelson (6) described cortical venous congestion as a "corkscrew" appearance that is typically over the cerebral convexities and is usually seen on proton-density MRI as abnormal signal voids in the brain parenchyma.
Many surgeons appreciate the utility of auricular cartilage as an autologous graft material for nasal augmentation, but the natural concavities and convexities of harvested conchal bowl cartilage can make achieving a straight and even dorsum technically challenging.
Obviously Van Gogh was thinking of the nude and not the draped figure when he was deliberating on these problems, since it is the nude, whether male or female, in stone, bronze or in painting which has always symbolised mankind in a state of nature with its complex physical volumes, convexities and concavities.
External examination showed focal areas of yellow exudate on the convexities and multiple bilateral infarcts affecting the cortices, pons, thalamus, middle temporal gyms, and putamen.
The second most common location is the cerebral convexities.
At autopsy, there was no subarachnoid hemorrhage in the leptomeninges of the hemisphere convexities or around the brainstem.