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a polygon such that no side extended cuts any other side or vertex

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Therefore, the intersection of C with the polygon in(N) is the union of convex polygons with vertices of the form [xi](X), where X [member of] [W.
We used 2 methods to calculate space use by moose: minimum convex polygon (MCP) and utilization distributions (UD) by fixed kernel density estimator.
45) for the flower area of a convex polygon with respect to an interior pivotal point (Corollary 2).
Convex hull is a convex polygon having the following properties.
For F4 only, I calculated the 95% minimum convex polygon as the sum of the minimum convex polygons of segments of her home range following Harrison (1997).
Methods to calculate home range size include trap squares (Haugen 1942), maximum area method, minimum home range method (Mohr 1947; Mohr & Stump 1966), minimum convex polygon (Hayne 1949), and fixed-kernel home range (Worton 1989).
Our objectives were to: (1) estimate Redcockaded Woodpecker home ranges at three temporal scales (annual, nesting, and non-nesting seasons) in a loblolly-shortleaf pine forest, (2) estimate home range size for a large number ([greater than or equal to] 12) of groups annually, (3) calculate home ranges using adaptive kernel and maximum convex polygon methods for comparison with other studies, and (4) examine macrohabitat selection within home ranges using compositional analysis.
Area Loads -- Allows spring loads to be applied to interior or exterior regions of any piece-wise linear or convex polygon, so that they can be pulled onto a target surface.
Theorem 1 Let T, U, and V be three triangulations of a convex polygon.
a K-flat is a plate of the tessellation, that means it is a 2-dimensional convex polygon bounded by edges of the 1-network and without edges and vertices in its relative interior,
We deduce that it is impossible to construct a convex polygon in this way using tangram pieces, for if it were, we would have immediately a corresponding array of triangles, which we have seen is impossible.
1990) to estimate the 95% minimum convex polygon (MCP) for home range (Mohr 1947).
A convex polygon is a polygon that has every internal angle less then 180 and every line segment between two vertices of the polygon is strictly interior to the polygon except at its endpoints.
Telemetry locations were used to construct annual and seasonal 95% minimum convex polygon (MCP, Mohr 1947) home ranges using the Floating Amean method (Rodgers and Carr 1998).