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Synonyms for convex

Synonyms for convex

curving or bulging outward


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Consider the following linear programming problem with nonlinear convex set constraints:
n=1] be a sequence of convex simplicial polytopes that converges to M in the Hausdorff metric.
Future developments include switching their bulk coffee bags to Econic packaging and working with Convex to develop compostable Econic coffee pods.
a) Proposition 1 leads to a computational formula for the mean wedge volume of a convex polygon (Corollary 1) which is much simpler than Eq.
ii) If h + [epsilon]g is harmonic and locally univalent in U and if h + [epsilon]g is convex analytic in U for some [epsilon]([absolute value of [epsilon]] < 1), then f = h + g [member of] [C.
First, the internal and external conical connections were compared to the concave and convex ones.
Similar hexagon convex hulls were discovered in other biological attachment organs.
In this work, we firstly investigate the convex hull properties and then derive some new properties, e.
Figure 2 shows a schematic diagram of the whole fabrication process of the convex and concave MLAs by means of the UV-LIGA with reflow process: UV-photolithography of photoresist (PR), thermal reflow of the patterned PR (Fig.
Note that every convex set is g-convex, but the converse is not true, see [3].
Among the topics are gradient-based algorithms with applications to signal-recovery problems, graphical models of autoregressive processes, convex analysis for non-negative blind source separation with applications in imaging, robust broadband adaptive beamforming using convex optimization, and cooperative distributed multi- agent optimization.
is known in the literature as Hermite-Hadamard inequality for convex function (see for example (6)).
Within the exhibition, viewers will witness the progression of Shaikh Rashid's work from landscape to figuration, from figuration towards abstraction and finally, to convex art.
After initially experimenting with a prism formation made of canvas and wood, an 'accidental discovery' led to the birth of the convex canvas.