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Synonyms for convex

Synonyms for convex

curving or bulging outward


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When he got them just right, he ground the convex surfaces to match.
Testing was a simple matter of placing his convex surface inside the concave reference surface and looking for interference fringes under monochromatic light.
A unique category of optimization problems identified as convex optimization problem can proficiently used to sort out the solution in many cases.
We then intend to use the theory of mixed topologies to give some general properties of the locally convex space (M(X), [beta](X)).
Let [phi] : K x K [right arrow] R [union] {+[infinity]} be a proper convex function and [eta] : K x K [right arrow] E be a mapping.
Unexpectedly, the convex quadratic transport cost function cannot deliver price equilibrium for any location of firms.
3) holds if a Krein-Smulian type theorem holds (for example E could be a quasicomplete locally convex linear topological space); for examples see [4 pp 553, 5 pp 82].
Consider the following linear programming problem with nonlinear convex set constraints:
Several hill-climbing algorithms published are not guaranteed to yield the diameter because they assume that the distance between a vertex of a convex polygon and the remaining vertices scanned in order, is a unimodal function, when in fact such a distance function may have [OMEGA](n) local maxima [4].
Instead they claimed to have found a way of making those angles zero, which makes all the faces flat, and what is left is a true convex polyhedron .
alpha]]) dynamic derivative ([alpha] [member of] [0,1]), was introduced as a linear convex combination of the well-known delta and nabla dynamic derivatives on time scales.
The g-theorem was conjectured by McMullen (1971) and is one of the most celebrated theorems in the theory of convex polytopes.
For any integer k, k [greater than or equal to] 3, determine the smallest positive integer N(k) such that any planar point set in general position that has at least N(k) points contains k points that are the vertices of a convex k-gon.
Apple Inc's upcoming iPhone 5S is expected to arrive in a glitzy form, with latest reports suggesting that the next generation device is likely to feature a convex sapphire home button along with a sapphire lens cover.