convertible bond

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a bond that can be converted to other securities under certain conditions

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per share (US cents) - Capital only with convertible bond at fair value
17c per share (US cents) - Cum income with convertible bond at fair
Convertible bonds are something of a hybrid investment, combining the steady yield of bonds and the capital appreciation possibilities of stocks.
The convertible bond issued by this firm will have the conversion ratio set high revealing that the firm is, relatively, a lower-quality convertible bond issuing firm.
This study adds to the literature by examining whether firms issuing convertible bonds that are not converted into equity were mimicking when they originally issued the convertible bond.
A convertible bond is also valued in terms of its underlying equity, so it's important to remember that assessing the equity value of a convertible involves performing the same kind of credit analysis required for any stock.
The price track of a convertible bond refers to how it will trade over a variety of market conditions.
Advocates of separate accounting for the components of a convertible bond argue that today's accounting impairs comparability between issuers of straight debt and issuers of convertible debt.
McDonnell was most recently Head of European Convertible Bond Trading.
The Froley, Revy Convertible Bond Index(a) tracks price performance of 50 representative convertible issues, with coupon interest reinvested to create a long-term, compounded total return.
Assuming full conversion of the Convertible Bonds at the initial Conversion Price of HK$160 per Share, the Convertible Bonds will be convertible into approximately 24,228,437 Shares, representing approximately 2.
ii) a mixed cash and exchange offer for all Convertible Bonds issued prior to February 6, 2006.
Convertible bonds are hybrid instruments with characteristics of both traditional bonds and equities.
27, of which AES's share, approximately US$98 million, will be held in a trust account until the convertible bonds have been repaid.
Figures corrected for convertible bonds NET ASSET VALUE BLACKROCK