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a device for changing one substance or form or state into another

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Media converters allow the network administrators to implement fibre where it is needed and still maintain an existing coax or twisted pair infrastructure.
today announced a new family of powerful Mini Converters with innovative features and technologies.
com adds Latest Reports on Wind Power Converter for Global and China Markets to its store.
The converters contain precious metals, which can net cash for the thieves.
With thinner margins for the converter and more perceived risk and competition from aggressive and well-capitalized income buyers, many converters are now being priced out of the market (if they haven't already chosen to exit it).
But come spring, the converters come out of the woodwork, and the platinum and palladium recovery begins in earnest.
Differential converters have been in existence since almost the beginning stages of SCSI.
Other brand converters use manual adjustments which require opening the converter chassis to perform adjustments with a screwdriver.
the Pennsylvania-based multi-national recycler that specializes in lot consolidation and dry processing of salvage converters, says 2004 will end with global recycled production of platinum at 730,000 ounces, palladium at 450,000 ounces and rhodium at 120,000 ounces.
7, 2010 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- After Thanksgiving 2010, 4Easysoft Studio released five free converters, which brought Thanksgiving feedback to our supporters.
However, they encounter certain items during the disassembly process, such as aluminum wheels and catalytic converters.
com/reports/c51414) announces the addition of Frost & Sullivan's new report North Asian AC-DC Converters and SPS Markets to their offering.
Interface: Three video converters optimize their interfaces to make it friendlier and easier for both novices and masters to operate.