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Synonyms for convert

Synonyms for convert

Synonyms for convert

a person who has been converted to another religious or political belief

change from one system to another or to a new plan or policy

change religious beliefs, or adopt a religious belief

Related Words

exchange or replace with another, usually of the same kind or category

score an extra point or points after touchdown by kicking the ball through the uprights or advancing the ball into the end zone

complete successfully

score (a spare)

make (someone) agree, understand, or realize the truth or validity of something

Related Words

exchange a penalty for a less severe one

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21) The highest convert presence was in Oregon, where converts (all in a cell seeking to assist the Taliban post-9/11) made up four out of the five offenders (80%), and in Virginia, with four out of nine offenders (44%).
It is legitimate that the Muslim communities present in our country request protection of their religious rights but, precisely because of this, they must recognize the same right to those who freely wish to convert to another religion.
The SkootaSkate's engine converts gasoline's--,or energy stored in chemical compounds, into--to rotate the SkootaSkate's front wheel.
A new solution converts agricultural waste such as cornstalks and wheat straw into ethanol.
The chart showed that the cleaning room and pattern shop used up more than 80% of the time to convert a pattern.
And certain contac-theating thermoformers used for light-gauge forming of candy inserts are also difficult to convert.
There's also been a buzz in recent years about evangelical Protestants--best-selling author Scott Hahn among them--who convert and are on fire for traditional Catholicism.
The amount the taxpayer attempted to convert is treated as a regular contribution to the Roth IRA and is subject to the 6% excise tax under Sec.
And though Burke is continuing to dicker with the bus engine manufacturer over warranty issues, MTA officials are planning to convert the remaining, disabled ethanol buses to run with ``clean diesel'' engines.
Can Dick convert his interest without incurring a tax liability on the transaction?
9 million to convert 324 breakdown-prone ethanol buses to diesel combustion despite more than a third of the vehicles still being under warranty.
He also added that Boeing engineers are looking for opportunities to convert hog-outs and assemblies on existing aircraft and then reviewing the business case for cost reduction.
Who is of more value to the Church: the convert, or the "cradle" Catholic?