conversion hysteria

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a mental disorder characterized by the conversion of mental conflict into somatic forms (into paralysis or anesthesia having no apparent cause)

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Conversion hysteria and conversion symptoms: A revision of classification and concepts.
But by contrast, he describes the structures of conversion hysteria ("an afferent impulse which is inhibited from finding its normal expression, corresponding to an emotional manifestation, flows along other neural paths, producing motor effects appropriate to the latter") and draws a careful distinction between conversion hysteria and anxiety hysteria ("Distinction between physical symptoms of anxiety-hysteria, which are merely physiological accompaniments of a given emotion, & those of conversion-hysteria, which are the direct consequence & symbol of the morbid mental process" TS10971_8, 21).
The alternate neural paths of conversion hysteria mirror Beckett's quip that "Hysterical symptoms are euphemisms" and align the development of hysteria with the overall structure of Freudian psychoanalytic illness: that all neurosis and psychosis is a process of misdirection of psychic energies.
Employing hysteria as an explanatory category at all risks essentialisms that echo those of the past like the idea that conversion hysterias occur only in psychoanalytically unsophisticated areas such as East Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, or Nigeria, as Harold Mersky argued in The Analysis of Hysteria (1978) (Showalter 4), or the age-old labeling of hysteria as a women's condition.