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with the use of colloquial expressions

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Though she speaks Arabic conversationally, she gives the impression of being a non-native speaker.
I am English, well qualified and have made an effort to learn Welsh - I can speak it conversationally but am by no means fluent, which means I cannot even submit applications for the majority of jobs.
Our Virtual Banking Assistant Sara gives us a means to engage conversationally with website visitors and guide customers through processes step-by-step around the clock.
Cortana responds to conversationally spoken requests or commands, using insights gleaned from calendars, contact lists, online searches and other smartphone sources to respond in a manner akin to a real-life aide, Belfiore said.
His vivid and warm impressions of Armenia are conversationally intimate and random, yet even with this chatty tone he reveals his deepest thoughts and dearest values.
That is why we here at Lo Jaye Publishing are so proud to offer a book that conversationally addresses many of the issues beginning and emerging musicians deal with on a daily basis," said a spokesperson for Lo Jaye Publishing.
Being a reproduction of lectures, this text reads conversationally.
Conversationally manage the process and analyze the monthly results.
He's soft spoken, but strike the right nerve conversationally, and his excitement spikes--not to the heights of the rasping madman in his videos, but to a more thoughtful end.
It is an automotive-grade voice services platform for the connected car that allows drivers to speak naturally and conversationally with in-car systems.
Once pupils have become more conversationally fluent in English, there are many resources from Teachit Primary that will help them to acquire the necessary grammatical skills and language that will make them successful in reading and writing English.
For me, it's an ability to think/type/express what I'm thinking on paper--very comfortably, conversationally, and sometimes even colorfully.
Building on this foundation, today, at the age of 24, she can speak conversationally.
With standup material, if you say it kind of conversationally it sounds kind of odd.