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a person who takes part in a conversation

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Thus, as shown in the original protocol, the differences in levels are based on the performance of the individual in sender and receiver functions, on the rhythm of communication and on the type of conversational partner, with Level I indicating the most effective communication and Level V the least effective one.
If you feel like you need to say something after your conversational partner says something stupid, you can use neutral continuers like um-hum, I see, okay, or I hear you.
For example, several studies have found that women generally disclose more than men when the conversational partner is female but that there is no sex difference when the conversational partner is male.
In addition, generalization of conversational skills learned through the cue card/written script program was assessed with untrained topics of conversation, and with a different conversational partner in a different setting.
Ironically, these narratives often represent the poet's conversations turned disconnected monologues for lack of a conversational partner.
You" statements are accusatory remarks made during interpersonal arguments, such as "you always do that" or "you never believe what I say," that shift attention from the central issue to the perceived inadequacies of the conversational partner (Butler, 1981).
This feature enables participants to quickly and easily acknowledge that their conversational partner was aware of their affiliation with BzzAgent.
Add to this Duke's perfect ear for making the piano a conversational partner with the text, and we have in this cycle a small masterpiece.
There is little in his background that might recommend him to the masses as a thinker, an analyst or even an engaging conversational partner.
Act as if you are the host and introduce new arrivals to your conversational partner.
We have found that ECAs able to engage in "phatic," or relationship-oriented, behaviors challenge our notions of technology as tool and push us further than we expected into the metaphor of computer as conversational partner.
For months the organizers of the me Convention have been developing topics for an inspiring dialogue about the future, recruiting speakers and bringing together the most exciting conversational partners for the talks and panels.
Paul Schubert has stirred up his share of friction and debate over the years, but he insists that it's only because he has committed to speaking the truth even when certain conversational partners, especially those in the hierarchy, haven't cared to hear what he has to say.
The interaction hypothesis (Long, 1996) states that second language acquisition (SLA) is facilitated when conversational partners modify their interactions in order to avoid communication breakdowns.
Analysis of discourse during the unit revealed that teachers engaged children as conversational partners and as scientific investigators responsible for their own learning.