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a person who takes part in a conversation

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If you feel like you need to say something after your conversational partner says something stupid, you can use neutral continuers like um-hum, I see, okay, or I hear you.
If your conversational partner asks about your lack of reaction, you can say you have nothing to add, politely request a topic switch, or just start talking about something else.
Only one conversational question was answered correctly during baseline, occurring during a conversational partner and setting generalization probe.
Following video modeling, all children met criterion and learned conversational speech, and such responding generalized to different conversational partners, and to other, untrained topics.
Analysis of discourse during the unit revealed that teachers engaged children as conversational partners and as scientific investigators responsible for their own learning.
The tonal and nonverbal "music" accompanying the "lyrics" of our spoken or written words express our feelings and judgments and make us more or less accessible to our conversational partners.
Conversational partners provide assessments such as "mhm, yeah, right" at the end of an increment, to indicate their current understanding.
Also, are we to consider Adam and Raphael equal conversational partners, given Raphael's role as instructor, possessor of intuitive reasoning, and participant in angelic rather than human intercourse?
Many conversational partners have now turned to the next task: educating the world about the Earth Charter and implementing the global changes necessary for our collective human survival.
For these reasons, fathers have been called challenging and difficult conversational partners for children.
24 I ask for clarification from my D H O conversational partners if I don't understand what they say.
All eight devices could have the same telephone number, but the devices and their conversational partners would generate coding that indicates where the particular incoming call would go.
People reported that they wanted to expand their intellectual and cultural horizons and to make connections with interesting conversational partners.
When we ran out of conversational partners at home, we would invite guests over or reach out and touch friends and family care of Ma Bell.
Some conversational partners came to us through the mail, off library shelves, or over buttered popcorn.