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Synonyms for conversational

Synonyms for conversational

in the style of conversation

Synonyms for conversational

characteristic of informal spoken language or conversation


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With a voice like that," he said, putting on the husky conversational pedal, "I was naturally trusted.
Old sea-dog of the best kind, I believe," ejaculated the captain, swinging past his motionless second officer and leaving the words behind him like a trail of sparks succeeded by a perfect conversational darkness, because, for the next two hours till he left the deck, he didn't open his lips again.
The collaborative work of Carole Lazorisak (Deaf Certified Interpreter and Professional American Sign Language Teacher) and freelance sign language interpreter Dawn Donohue, The Complete Idiot's Guide To Conversational Sign Language Illustrated is the most "user friendly" instructional reference for learning American Sign Language and Signed English, as well as the basics of finger spelling and common signs used in a variety of situations ranging from simple greetings, to asking for directions, to dire emergencies.
When a 13-year-old student recently tried to discuss the presidential election with AOL's online conversational robot SmarterChild, she became upset that the service seemed to favor John Kerry over George Bush.
Six sites representing organizations from around the world participated in the evaluation demonstrating current state-of-the-art capabilities for detection of the languages used in segments of conversational telephone speech.
Petrarch opts for a familiar, conversational genre adapted to the addressee; he refuses to employ philosophical discourse in his correspondence, unlike Seneca.
This study assessed the efficacy of a written script/cue card program to teach verbal, literate, children with autism conversational speech skills.
Here, I describe some of the features of human-human conversation being implemented in this new genre of embodied conversational agent, exploring a notable embodied conversational agent--named Rea--based on these features.
However, the researchers have yet to examine whether the wives' conversational style encourages their husbands to adopt increasingly negative tactics.
Scripted, conversational dyads were developed by the author on two topics: a) preparing for difficult examinations, and b) roommate and renting problems.
When we ran out of conversational partners at home, we would invite guests over or reach out and touch friends and family care of Ma Bell.
Veteran Advertising Executive Brings Together Conversational Marketing and Programmatic Opportunities to Help Brands Better Connect with Consumers
IBM today introduced Watson Virtual Agent, a cognitive conversational technology that allows businesses to simply build and deploy conversational agents.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-November 3, 2010-Neolane's conversational marketing technology used by Dior in the US(C)1994-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Tuttle Japanese for beginners; mastering conversational Japanese.