conversation stopper

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a remark to which there is no polite conversational reply


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The City Mitts Web site details a worrisome list of germs that the New York Daily News detected on various Big Apple mass transit facilities--bugs including Escherichia coli, meningitis, and (stop now if you're eating lunch) in a Penn Station ticket machine, an unnamed skin infection and that old "I'd rather drive" conversation stopper, feces.
THE LAYMAN'S VIEW OF PHILOSOPHY is hazy at best and proves to be the greatest conversation stopper at a party.
So if you want a conversation stopper down the pub--something along the lines of "so how about me spreading a little r = h(u(y, z, t)) + e?
Hindsight is a way of life in the perils of gambling, a track commentator was an immediate conversation stopper.
Unlike a policy proposal, a profession of faith is a conversation stopper.
My remark was, I realized, a conversation stopper, and, with him, this is never hard to accomplish.
We've all got our go-to story about brushes with fame, but Harold Fruchter's is truly a conversation stopper.
When she does, it can be a "bit of a conversation stopper in the hairdressers".
Telling people you are a journalist is a sure fire conversation stopper in polite company.
It can be a real conversation stopper, but most people are fascinated and I get asked all sorts of questions.
Now that would be a conversation stopper at the church coffee morning as you sit there pounding your chin with a small mechanical device in a fetching lilac plastic.
Mum-of-one Mendelson is an experienced New York city lawyer and university lecturer who sensibly kept her love of housework quiet for years because she found admitting to it was a conversation stopper at parties.
Her revelation about spending this time withCHALLENGE her daughter before the sun has risen could be a conversation stopper.