conversation stopper

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a remark to which there is no polite conversational reply


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THE LAYMAN'S VIEW OF PHILOSOPHY is hazy at best and proves to be the greatest conversation stopper at a party.
So if you want a conversation stopper down the pub--something along the lines of "so how about me spreading a little r = h(u(y, z, t)) + e?
Hindsight is a way of life in the perils of gambling, a track commentator was an immediate conversation stopper.
Unlike a policy proposal, a profession of faith is a conversation stopper.
But I always wanted to be a farmer", which was a bit of a conversation stopper.
It can be a real conversation stopper, but most people are fascinated and I get asked all sorts of questions.
It's the ultimate conversation stopper and is available in limited edition, pounds 32, from Christian Dior in Fenwick, John Lewis and Boots, Eldon Square, all Newcastle, and House of Fraser, MetroCentre, Gateshead.
Now that would be a conversation stopper at the church coffee morning as you sit there pounding your chin with a small mechanical device in a fetching lilac plastic.
In fact, 82 percent of people surveyed say bad breath is a conversation stopper and more than two-thirds of people say they avoid close conversations if they have eaten certain foods.
Mum-of-one Mendelson is an experienced New York city lawyer and university lecturer who sensibly kept her love of housework quiet for years because she found admitting to it was a conversation stopper at parties.
Shaun loves his work - but admits it tends to be a bit of a conversation stopper.
A bit of conversation stopper, I know, but don't go - not yet.
It could be a bit of a conversation stopper, but the Co-op's distribution of Last Orders beermats in some town-centre pubs should help.