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personal knowledge or information about someone or something

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Indeed, Sperulo's membership in Cortese's earlier Roman academy, which would have furnished him occasion to fraternize with celebrated solo singers like Bernardo Accolti, Serafino Aquilano, and Jacopo Corsi, and the membership of Brandolini--Marone's 1515 musical competitor--in Pontano's earlier Neapolitan academy suggest a ready conversance on the part of several Leo's intimates with the musical practices of comparable informal academies, which demonstrably supported the solo singing of accomplished poet-musicians (Cummings 2004: 53, 88-90, 229-30 nn.
Most readers associate Eliot with the idea of inwardness in the form of her masterful psychological approach to character, and Michael Davis's recent book situates her skill in the context of 19th-century psychology, showing her conversance with a complex and erudite mass of contemporary works on psychology, most importantly those of her husband.
Whether we are confronted with Humbert's inadvertent misreading of the book (unorthodox for the learned litterateur, unless his reading of it lies in its unreadability, as scholars would often put it) or a simple test of our erudition and conversance with the Wake is a question left on an indeterminate note.
Further fresh development may be seen in the poetry of Shelley, with which Browning had considerable current conversance since in 1851 he had prepared (for publication in 1852) a wide-ranging "Introductory Essay" on the poet.
No one may easily settle with regard to the ability to perceive, whether this is a capability without conversance or a conversant capability.
His team neither retained their mastery of Plan A, nor showed any conversance with Plan B and their fumblitis and tacticalus nervosa strangled whatever it was they were trying to achieve.
Conversance with the achievements and beliefs of modern figures who are nonetheless recognized as Muslim peacemakers, such as the Pashtun's great nonviolent leader, Abdul Ghaffar Khan, would also be useful (Easwaran, 1999).
He effaces elevated caste identity while marking the preservation of Tamil language, and suggests conversance with Hindi and English.
This appreciation of diversity implies both a commitment to be reasonably conversant throughout life with what is going on around the world and an awareness of and an ability to use the media available to facilitate that conversance.
Conversance with popular culture seems to enhance a teenager's social contacts and status, and contrariwise, the young person who remains aloo f from pop music is likely to be excluded from many teen peer groups.
That was true of nineteenth-century Oxford and Cambridge as well, and John Henry Newman's idea of the university assumed that conversance with the "Greats" was the proper preparation for leadership in society.