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tending to come together from different directions

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By configuring an alliance portfolio convergently, a firm has less redundancy (e.
Damgaard (2008b) found Veliinae, Rhagoveliinae, Perittopinae, and Ocelloveliinae as succeeding sister taxa to the Gerridae + Haloveliinae + Microveliinae clade, but with poor support and diagnostic character combinations, except for Gerridae + Veliidae less Ocelloveliinae, which foremost could be diagnosed by the lack of ocelli in the macropterous morphs, although this character is found convergently in Madeoveliinae and Hydrometrinae + Limnobatodinae.
But, if everyone is thinking convergently, then no one is thinking critically very much.
With that said, the scale scores for the model provided evidence of reliability and convergently validity.
This convergently evolved optical structure typically provides an effective method of displaying bright color to conspecifics without attracting the unwanted attention of predators (Parker 1998).
Rocket XL will be working convergently with Cossette's business units in the U.