convergent thinking

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thinking that brings together information focussed on solving a problem (especially solving problems that have a single correct solution)

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2--How much is seven grade natural sciences school book is adapted to levels of mental functions (cognitive memory, convergent thinking, divergent thinking and evaluator thought).
There is a merging of divergent and convergent thinking - of thought and of action.
149) While creativity requires a combination of divergent and convergent thinking to produce something novel and appropriate, collaborative processes tend to lead to a convergence of ideas and can impede thinking "outside the box.
Then convergent thinking takes over to evaluate the ideas critically and determine which are the best.
Many of the theorists who have modelled the creative process incorporate both divergent and convergent thinking processes (for example, Amabile 1996; Ford 1996).
Schools then were experts in convergent thinking with students being told that there was no time for playfulness, and that they were there to work hard and avoid making mistakes.
and the convergent thinking typical of engineers and some managers (morphological analysis, relevance trees, value analysis, etc.
Only then, when lots of potential ideas are on the table, will they reach for their "logic hats" and use convergent thinking, solution-oriented approaches.
To start, here are three new terms-divergent thinking, convergent thinking, and recursive thinking.
We don't know exactly how to achieve this big goal todayO we need industry to engage with us in collaboration that results in convergent thinking -- bringing real solutions to real problems that will cause positive outcomes.
In contrast to this type of thinking, convergent thinking is presented based on the logical steps forward and actually makes a thought-wing unity.
Some professional roles demand convergent thinking.
Account planning is all about divergent thinking as well as convergent thinking," Thompson said.
This mode of learning builds convergent thinking skills that promote logical reasoning.
This mode gives children the opportunity to practice specific skills and to demonstrate an understanding of a particular concept, building convergent thinking and systematic problem-solving skills.