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Synonyms for convergency

the approach of an infinite series to a finite limit


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the act of converging (coming closer)

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Mark Sloneker, president of Convergencies, a San Francisco-based design firm, and co-founder and partner of b360, added the new firm will specialize in collaborating with clients to find the right communications mix to help clients seize on market opportunities, realize measurable ROI for their communications expenditures and improving relationships with customers and other key audiences.
For the simulation the c-d plates with three convergencies, gap [Delta] = 0.
Through it all, however, it is clear that a rethinking of the James brothers' convergencies and contrasts is in order, and Posnock's volume is an ample source for loci for such rethinking.
Arthur Beren customers are fiercely loyal and have come to expect a level of personal attention and quality merchandise that is very rarely matched elsewhere," explained Convergencies partner, Julie Tsuchiya.
Expanding on Arthur Beren's relationship with Convergencies, David Beren said, "We have been working with Convergencies for over 13 years.