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using artistic forms and conventions to create effects

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The contemporary critical response to Poems Before Congress likewise illustrates how Barrett Browning's attempt to position a conventionalized female surrogate between her conservative audience and the radicalism of her own political opinions could backfire.
The spelling 'puripuri' gradually became conventionalized as a pidgin reference, and is today popularly regarded as a Motu language term.
However this is the situation that makes a person to develop such forms of conventionalized behaviour, symbolic displays and representations that bridge the distance between people without cancelling it completely.
In Fernando's view, idioms fall into the following sub-categories: pure idioms, which are "a type of conventionalized, non literal multi-word expressions" the meaning of which is non literal; semi-idioms, with one ore more constituents used in their literal meaning, while other constituents are used with non literal meaning; and literal idioms, which are transparent in meaning as their meaning can be inferred from the combination of their constituents (Fernando 1996: 35-36).
Although conventionalized, the structures of the dance symbolic retain the evoking potential and the motivated character of the index and icon.
It is a new form of folk art, and it is extremely conventionalized in its expression.
While this definition stresses diachronic change, it does not take into account the fact that the "literary Late Egyptian" of the tales is a conventionalized hybrid displaying many features retained from Middle Egyptian.
In a conventionalized market a label creates a ceiling under which these new providers can establish a business of acquire brands at a lower cost.
From a functional point of view a distinction is usually drawn between grammatical means, whose primary function is to express evidentiality, and grammatical means, whose primary function is to express other (non-evidential) categories but which convey evidentiality as a secondary conventionalized meaning (e.
The qualities of organics are not as easily conventionalized into commodities (i.
Since not only the performers onstage but also the spectators are engaged in a complicated simulacrum of scholarly reproduction of an imaginary event from an invented culture, Gunnels's examination of the opera in its performative context reveals a great deal about our contemporary awareness of cultural difference and the conventionalized and mediated construction of reality.
With familiar tasks and planned tasks, NSs' preference for analytic language is explained by their meaning-biased pursuit of originality, and its exigencies cannot be satisfied by the conventionalized and idiomatic word combinations.
The point is that any metaphor or image in time becomes conventionalized, and so ceases to convey any real concrete meaning.
Clearly, the content is of no possible importance; it is as much conventionalized as the elaborate stanza.
Thus, in a usage-based model, where frequency is a prominent parameter (Deignan 2005: 117), there is a highly conventionalized link between give and the ditransitive.