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using artistic forms and conventions to create effects

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Even if Alber challenges the more established sense of postmodernism as a reaction to and move away from the strategies of modernism, how does his definition of the postmodern address the historical contingency of these strategies, other than by the observation that they often occur after their conventionalized predecessors (though not always; see, for instance, Harry Potter)?
Here, the conventionalized properties of the schema are much stronger, in that a verbal base and the function of 'possibility' (in Riehemann's 1998 terms) are specified.
Yet, we store lots of these NPs in our lexical memory, as they are conventionalized names, for instance yellow fever, mental lexicon, hard disk, and red tape (Jackendoff 2002), and often with some specific unpredictable meaning.
Conventionalized use of person reference, according to Nevala, represents a key constitutive part of complying with the established hierarchical structure of a given society.
A similarly conventionalized and relatively jocose response to the march of intellect dominates the most extended poem on the subject, W.
The spelling 'puripuri' gradually became conventionalized as a pidgin reference, and is today popularly regarded as a Motu language term.
While this definition stresses diachronic change, it does not take into account the fact that the "literary Late Egyptian" of the tales is a conventionalized hybrid displaying many features retained from Middle Egyptian.
The constructions postulated in the LCM capture different layers of meaning in a highly conventionalized way.
Since not only the performers onstage but also the spectators are engaged in a complicated simulacrum of scholarly reproduction of an imaginary event from an invented culture, Gunnels's examination of the opera in its performative context reveals a great deal about our contemporary awareness of cultural difference and the conventionalized and mediated construction of reality.
The qualities of organics are not as easily conventionalized into commodities (i.
Unlike the psychological portraits of the naive, misperceiving subject common to literary realism and naturalism, Wolf's characters speak ironically and self-analytically of their own tendencies to "read through conventionalized eyes" (13).
Meaning derivation takes place at the four levels in the form of inference or conventionalized constructions.
At a glance, Rimpa art presents overwhelmingly as an art of natural imagery, conventionalized figures, a bolder graphic presentation, and material luxury--all connected to being decorative.