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  • verb

Synonyms for conventionalize

to make conventional

Synonyms for conventionalize

make conventional or adapt to conventions

represent according to a conventional style

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Unlike the "moral evangelism" of Edwardian England which sought to repress and conventionalize, "conformity and conventionality [in Frankfort, Nebraska] wear the garments of science and progress" (37): in mass-marketed, antiseptic food; in kitchen gadgetry; in the foods home-canned to help the war effort; and the temperance of anti-saloon leagues.
The elegiac ayre embodies two representational opposites: it 'provides both a means of satisfying the external social pressures that conventionalize emotion and a means of contravening these conventions to allow the individual a meditative focus on the mysteries of a universal experience that is, paradoxically, also peculiar to each individual' (p.
The frequent use of expressions originally involved in the selection of points of access to a high-level model conventionalizes the illocutionary force conveyed and gives rise to entrenched constructions.
Having established, for example, that Beowulf conventionalizes and dramatizes society's traditional thought, the author turns to Christian poetry, 'a branch of a narrative system with its centre beyond vernacular tradition' (p.
Further, in making selections from the vast mass of manuscript Twain piled up through his dictations, Paine genteelizes Twain; DeVoto radicalizes him; and Neider conventionalizes him.