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the act of conventionalizing

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Thus it could be said that a kind of reduction has taken place, but it is not the reduction of a morpheme (it is not the suffix -mine or -misel that has become shorter), nor the reduction of a lexeme (it is not the lexeme ajamine that has either globally or locally reduced into aje): it is the shortening of the general AMC construction and its particular partly lexically filled sub-constructions, which could be caused by the conventionalization of the constructions.
On the other hand, germfree animals upon conventionalization show an increase in vasculature, as angiogenesis is restarted (46).
1991b) Reconstructing context: the conventionalization of classroom knowledge.
How long has the process of conventionalization been proceeding?
Convergent validity has also been found to be satisfactory, especially the Global Distress Scale, Time Together, Sexual Dissatisfaction, Affective Communication, Problem-Solving Communication, Dissatisfaction with Children, Conflict over Childrearing, Conventionalization (validity scale), and Role Orientation scales.
Presenting fiction as fact, or at least to some extent appropriating classical documentary techniques such as the Classic Objective Argument, and traditional documentary observational techniques including hand-held camerawork as well as characters' direct address, in recent years there has been a growing sense of the codification and conventionalization of these (often made-for-tv) fakes.
Having rejected the conventional picture of the system, they tend increasingly to adopt another one, rapidly approaching equal conventionalization, but following another pattern, in which the evils are inherent in the system and cannot be excised without its drastic reconstruction and its substantial operation by government.
Therefore, many cases of grammaticalization could be explained not as grammaticalization of the construction but as conventionalization of a new lexicon unit in a previously existing grammatical construction where this specific unit had not occurred previously.
In other words, it may have been an indicator of the use of conventionalization and its degree in these actions due to their high rate of repetition.
Moreover, gender itself, to an extent discursively constituted, is a more fluid category than critics launching rhetorical attacks on its conventionalization admit.
The challenges in the path forward may be seen as falling into three main categories: information quality, information standardization, and analytical conventionalization.
Modality, a term deriving originally from linguistic theory, describes the degree of conventionalization exhibited by a text, and hence the text's closeness of fit with notions of the real.
Carson, "The Conventionalization o f Early Factory Crime," International Journal For The Sociology of Law, 7 (1979), 37-60.
As I mentioned earlier, my concern is D'Acci's conflation of history and genealogy - ironically, the very sort of conventionalization and mass popularization she criticizes throughout Defining Women.