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Synonyms for conventionality

conformity with conventional thought and behavior

unoriginality as a result of being too conventional

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orthodoxy as a consequence of being conventional

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Both utterly heartless, both men upon town, both thoroughly initiated in its worst vices, both deeply in debt, both fallen from some higher estate, both addicted to every depravity for which society can find some genteel name and plead its most depraving conventionalities as an excuse, they were naturally gentlemen of most unblemished honour themselves, and of great nicety concerning the honour of other people.
In our wild moorland country, and in this great lonely house, we may well claim to be beyond the reach of the trivial conventionalities which hamper people in other places.
It is no imputation upon him to say he has not, because young men who have plunged deeply into the frivolities and conventionalities of society, very seldom have.
Those Furies, the conventionalities, being thus appeased, he left her.
The small servant, who was not so well acquainted with theatrical conventionalities as Mr Swiveller (having indeed never seen a play, or heard one spoken of, except by chance through chinks of doors and in other forbidden places), was rather alarmed by demonstrations so novel in their nature, and showed her concern so plainly in her looks, that Mr Swiveller felt it necessary to discharge his brigand manner for one more suitable to private life, as he asked,
Based on that, our meeting should not be routine-like and ridden with conventionalities, because it deals with the most important and key matters that touch the lives of our people which requires that we take our decisions to the level of our peoples and leaderships' aspirations," he noted.
Forget at once the conventionalities of the highly artificial society from which you are now separated; set yourself at once to work.