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orthodoxy as a consequence of being conventional

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The philosophical trend that has contributed most to the abandonment of naive realism is conventionalism, aware as it was that the principles governing specific sectors of reality are of a revisable nature, since they are not "absolute truths but the fruit of reflection about certain fields of experience.
Yet, despite its conventionalism and Hollywood pageantry, The March is not without a subtle critique of the kind of reconciliatory fictions and histories that have influenced American memory of the war.
A related concept in scientific epistemology is instrumentalism, sometimes also known as conventionalism.
In fact, this is a result of formalistic creations (or of tradition, inertia or conventionalism, or something similar) of correlations not based on the process physics.
Lieske, that relied heavily on gross categories of race, ethnicity and religion, to a focus on social changes, life-style issues, and the extent of social traditionalism or conventionalism.
As Eichmann demonstrated, non-thinking means individuals reflexively will accept that which is: Thou shall murder or shall not murder are equally compatible with non-thinking's conventionalism.
Thus, Altemeyer (1996) argued that "right-wing authoritarianism" (RWA) consisted of three measurable components: authoritarian submission to perceived established authorities, authoritarian aggression against perceived dissidents, and conventionalism, or support for traditional social norms.
However, such differences may reflect life course processes and the increased conventionalism that often accompanies increased age.
Wittgenstein's conventionalism would appear to more or less permanently unsettle the ontological difference between human and animal, a difference expressed, as it were, in the philosophical traditional by the capacity for language: first, by holding that that ontological difference is itself constituted by a language that cannot ground and master a world of contingency via 'universals'; and second, by showing how language does not provide an answer to the question 'What's the difference between human and animal?
The results shown in Figure 1 indicate that the organizational members who responded to the OCI believe that the current culture is one of avoidance, power, conventionalism, and dependence.
His philosophical procedure is rooted in conventionalism, which implies that those who accept his aesthetics are necessarily conventionalists.
2) We distinguished five factors: a conventionalism factor, a competence factor, a sincere and social factor, an idealistic factor, and a personal gratification factor.
Gustave Flaubert held in horror the suffocating conventionalism of provincial life, its buttoned-up formality and pretentious-cum-comic erudition a la Bouvard and Pecuchet.
Chernoff offers an interesting alternative view based on Pierre Duham's notion of conventionalism.
Of course, there is nothing necessarily progressive about annoying the professors or stating one's convictions--I'm sceptical that what we teach in whatever form has done a great deal to prevent students getting more conservative--but Moi's emphasis on conviction contrasts with the negative force of theory, its conventionalism and anti-foundationalism, even in its laboured attempts to redeem those categories such as agency which it has been responsible for over-problematizing in the first place.