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using artistic forms and conventions to create effects

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In the case of Autobiography, the naming gives artistic significance and credibility to a broken miscellany; however it's difficult for a reader not to read into the action something of the writer's archness as he draws a person's attention to a motley of insignificance that warrants such a conventionalised label.
extent is the original meaning still latent in a conventionalised idiom
37), which plots gestures from highly conventionalised to highly personal.
Typically such changes are conventionalised in terms of seeing them merely as yet another new weapon.
The difficulty faced by well-intentioned historiographers is to brush conventionalised representations against the grain to release their pent-up radical potential, to give voice to the silenced past.
But this feature is depicted in more stylised and conventionalised manner than naturalistically.
At another level it is possible to read the structure of doubling as an ironic commentary on how conventionalised the genre of the SF action movie is, and how these two films--particularly.
In the latter case, often as not one can see a pre- and post-Prozac period, the latter period often marked by greater output that has lost an animating tension between form and content, the former becoming a conventionalised delivery system for the latter.