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Synonyms for convention

Synonyms for convention

a formal assemblage of the members of a group

a legally binding arrangement between parties

a formal, usually written settlement between nations

an accepted way of doing something


Synonyms for convention

a large formal assembly

something regarded as a normative example

(diplomacy) an international agreement

orthodoxy as a consequence of being conventional

the act of convening

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While the failure of the convention method represents a significant
the states apply for the same limited convention, Congress is obligated
Article 36 of the Vienna Convention generally requires that law enforcement officials inform arrested or detained foreign nationals, without delay, of their entitlement to have their consulate notified of the detention.
As indicated above, in addition to the Vienna Convention, the United States also has entered into a number of bilateral consular treaties with specific countries.
But before the convention could develop an effective financial program for others, it had to systematize its own procedures.
Hereafter said the report, "no large, general movement appealing to the denomination shall be launched by any one of these Boards without consultation with the others and the proper submission of the same to the Convention.
The 85th DAV and Auxiliary National Convention at the Chicago Hilton is sure to be packed with plenty of fun and excitement you won't want to miss.
Convention workshops on a variety of topics including the Democracy Agenda, Membership, Good Financial Practices, the Judicial System, International Programs, Advocacy and Internet Technology will be held on Monday afternoon, June 13.
If your League would like to reserve a caucus room in advance and have your caucus listed in the Convention program, please contact Natalie Testa by April 14 at ntesta@lwv.
Once again, the convention is on the way to setting records for the number of attendees and exhibitors, and that growth has resulted in a first-ever session on Wednesday to kick off the weekend of activities.
I encourage you to attend as many of the sessions and special events like the Awards Banquet, so that you can experience the convention to its fullest and immerse yourself in the beautiful game in ways you may never have considered before now.
Everyone knows the Convention Center is a white elephant,'' Villaraigosa said.
Flexible spaces, accessibility, technology, amenities, excellent food service and quality finishes are no longer just desirable, but essential for a convention center to be competitive.
Sam Pryor, a Republican national committeeman from Connecticut, wrested control over what was, in those days, one of the key resources to winning the nomination: tickets into the convention hall.
The annual convention provides an opportunity for scrap recyclers and brokers to mingle, learn what's new in the industry and see the latest equipment.