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a secret unauthorized meeting for religious worship

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a building for religious assembly (especially Nonconformists, e

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Though he tries to disengage himself from the revival, the speaker is too close to the conventicle, emotionally and physically, not to be affected by it.
Also in 1812 two other penal laws on the books were abrogated: the Five Mile Act (1665), which prohibited Dissenting preachers from activity within five miles of their old benefices, and the Conventicle Act (1664), which prohibited more than five church members not of the same family from gathering to pray.
Map 1) Most travellers from Amsterdam, Leiden, and the Hague visited the conventicle of Charenton, built in 1623 by the famous architect Salomon de Brosse.
On March 13, 1668 the Commons debated renewing the Act against Conventicle or illegal religious meetings, which was due to lapse at the end of that year.
For them the missionary outreach "to all people" meant constant, self-critical questioning and challenge which they could not escape by shrinking into their shell as a complacent, self-righteous conventicle church.
It was the date in September 1670 that a jury refused to convict the Quaker, William Penn, of violating England's Conventicle Acts.
The Conventicle Acts of 1664 and 1668-70 made those outside of the Anglican Church "part of a new category of offenders against civil law," (21) but the social persecution was intensified by another, perhaps deeper, disappointment.
A realist at heart, Weems once said of selling "Puritanical" books in the South, "you might as well send Fiddles to a Methodist conventicle.
Mori's identifies the inception of this "second wave" of Pietism with the conventicle movement in Leipzig that developed during the late 1680s.
The fourth section of "Mortmain," titled "In the Turpitude of Time: ND" is not dated because it was written both in and about "Time's turpitude," apart from any chronological reference to Warren's father's or his own life experience within what the first section called "Time's concatenation and carnal conventicle.
Some Bush supporters are decent and intelligent, and yet they're knowingly returning to the White House an embarrassingly inept, ignorant, incurious, and unfeeling figurehead for the worst conventicle of religious nuts, plutocrats, and petrochemical bagmen ever to lay hold of our federal government.
Nor the cognate Autem Quaver--Autem (church) features in several such diversely targeted compounds' Autem Bawler (parson): Autem Cacklers and Prickears (Dissenters of every denomination); Autem Cackle Tub (a conventicle or meeting-house for Dissenters); Autem Dippers (pickpockets who practise in churches; also churchwardens aim overseers of the poor).
Building on buried truths about corruption and death, this new paradise pivots around a nearly orgiastic conventicle of men who toil above the buried secrets of dead women.
The strength and pervasiveness of secular culture forces Christians, Catholic as well as Protestant, to accept the sectarian solution, which acquiesces in the secularization of culture and social life and strives in compensation to maintain a strict standard of religious observance inside the closed doors of the conventicle and the home" (p.
By 1670, attending a Conventicle was viewed as treason and to preach at one was a capital offence.