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the member of a group whose duty it is to convene meetings

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The committee members who will be supporting Farooq are Farrukh Seddiqi, who will be in charge of grounds and the umpires committee; Shiva Pagarani, the convenor of finance and administration; Shoeb Muljiani, the convenor of special projects; and Gopal Jasapara, the convenor of the tournament committee.
Today here, 'A message of peace for you', through the medium of this demonstration, we want to give a message to the entire humanity ahead of the decision on the birthplace of Lord Ram Babri Masjid demolition case, which is going to be announced on (September) 24," said Imran Khan, Convenor of mass prayer meeting, Lucknow.
We are hoping to organise a meeting among the convenors and the national officials and put some plans together to put to the company to see if we can save one of the plants," Mr Forbes said.
Mick Forbes, convenor at the company's Erdington driveshaft factory, said workers had been "disappointed" by the announcement that the group's forge facility in Hamstead is to close by the end of the year while its chassis factory in Aldridge will also shut by the end of 2010.
AS somebody who has been employed at Peugeot for more than 20 years, I agree that union convenor Jim O'Boyle is being a hypocrite in buying a Peugeot after campaigning to boycott the vehicles.
Sid Graves, a T&G convenor at Enterprise-Liverpool, which runs the housing repairs service, said: "We have discussed the salary issue for the last 14 months and ithas reached stalemate.
LONDON, August 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Hundreds of Rolls Royce workers and Amicus members will be attending a rally in Derby on Thursday in support of a union convenor sacked by the company at its plant in Bristol.
The council depot in Long Lane, Aintree, was brought to a standstill by the wildcat strike of 320 staff after it emerged the Ucatt and T&G union convenors had been suspended.
DISTRICT HEALTH Board (DHB) workplace convenors have unanimously endorsed a proposal to go back to delegates in each DHB to seek sign off for a ballot to initiate bargaining for a national multi-employer collective agreement (MECA) covering nurses, midwives and health care assistants in the 21 DHBs.
As many conference evaluators and convenors have since noted, despite all the differences from one case to the next, a strikingly similar emotional dynamic seems to recur in conferences, irrespective of the nature of the case, the numbers present, or their cultural backgrounds.
The convenors would like to encourage papers that help rethink scholarships and training, educational finance, multi-donor activities, institutional strengthening projects, curriculum development, planning consult ants and consultancies, quality, accountability, and other aspects of education.
As one of the convenors pointed out, there is nothing magical about the year 2000 itself, but it offers us a chance to evaluate where we stand, and to pause to think where we want to go.
But convenors from the AEEU, the GMB and the MSF hammered out a better deal for the workers.
This Black Philanthropy Conference represents an excellent opportunity for convenors to strategize how to use this power to make a strong impact on our community investments," said Michele Courton Brown, President of the FleetBoston Financial Foundation, in explaining the reasons for the historic gathering from June 4-6 at the Boston Marriott at Copley Place.
Union officials have not ruled out the possibility that the action could spread to other Rolls- Royce sites, including Coventry, after its senior convenors in aerospace and shipbuilding, representing over 70,000 Amicus members, offered their support.