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the act of convening

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for the convening authority's action and promulgating order set out
The Minister of Justice clarified that the primary court ruling would not be enforced ahead of the society convening a general conference, in which the outstanding violations can be fully addressed in accordance with the law.
5) Due to congressional action amending Article 60, UCMJ, the days of unfettered discretion by convening authorities and limited or no involvement by victims are gone.
BEIRUT: Omar Miskawi, the deputy head of the Higher Islamic Council, called for convening a meeting Saturday, despite Grand Mufti Sheikh Rashid Qabbani's objection, the National News Agency reported.
The goal of the convening was to identify best practices and generate ideas to capitalize on the Padilla decision to refocus the concept of the defense function on the broader needs of the client.
But parliamentarian Fuazia Sadat insisted that convening a traditional jirga was in the interest of the country and it was the right of the president.
The party, which won the 1990 general election by a landslide but was blocked from coming to power, also called for the convening of a parliament session involving those who were elected then.
But it does not stipulate a deadline for convening such a session.
Yes, the bonds would be repaid out of gas tax proceeds or increased registration fees, not the general fund, but the Legislature's sole purpose for convening next month is to balance the budget, not to get into economic development.
The museum as a presenting and a convening institution expanded years ago, so we viewed our decision to use both kinds of exhibition space as appropriate but not at all new.
I think it would be very difficult for a convening authority not to send a case to trial after having spent more than $100,000 investigating it, and having six women make allegations against the sergeant major of the Army, regardless of whether or not the convening authority believed the allegations,'' Charles Gittins said.
A governor may formally petition for the convening of the Committee.
Ernst & Young is the undisputed leader in taking companies public, advising key government agencies on the issues impacting high-growth companies and convening the experts who shape the business climate.
Meanwhile, Congress lawmakers from Telangana met party president Sonia Gandhi here today to thank her for convening an all-party meeting.
RAWALPINDI, February 21, 2010 (Frontier Star): Ulema have expressed their concern over delay in convening peace committees meetings by District Administration on the eve of Rabiul Awal.