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in a convenient manner


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Utterson of Gaunt Street--you must have heard of my name; and meeting you so conveniently, I thought you might admit me.
The ladder was comfortably long, and I was conveniently tall; my hand was on the window-sill--I mounted another two rounds--and my eyes were level with the interior of the room.
It was almost impossible to remember who he was--only a petty chief of a conveniently isolated corner of Mindanao, where we could in comparative safety break the law against the traffic in firearms and ammunition with the natives.
So, as it is easier for me to imitate him in this than in cleaving giants asunder, cutting off serpents' heads, slaying dragons, routing armies, destroying fleets, and breaking enchantments, and as this place is so well suited for a similar purpose, I must not allow the opportunity to escape which now so conveniently offers me its forelock.
But it has just occurred to me how it may be conveniently and even more than conveniently written, and that is in the note-book that belonged to Cardenio, and thou wilt take care to have it copied on paper, in a good hand, at the first village thou comest to where there is a schoolmaster, or if not, any sacristan will copy it; but see thou give it not to any notary to copy, for they write a law hand that Satan could not make out.
But because I have essayed to expound the chief of these discoveries in a treatise which certain considerations prevent me from publishing, I cannot make the results known more conveniently than by here giving a summary of the contents of this treatise.
Nor do we need to seek any other reason for the number of these pellicles beyond this that the orifice of the venous artery being of an oval shape from the nature of its situation, can be adequately closed with two, whereas the others being round are more conveniently closed with three.
Too small to carry one boat on deck, the Arangi could not conveniently tow two astern; so Van Horn, who was the most daring of the recruiters, lacked this essential safeguard.
Van Horn, before speaking again, loosened his automatic pistol half out of its holster, and slipped the holster around from his hip till it rested on his groin conveniently close to his hand.
I hope we shall see you at Barton," added her ladyship, "as soon as you can conveniently leave town; and we must put off the party to Whitwell till you return.
He desired I would stand like a Colossus, with my legs as far asunder as I conveniently could.
of the country more and more women are leaving their homes in search of employment in big cities and one of the main difficulties faced by such women is lack of safe and conveniently located accommodation.
In order to satisfy the evolving needs of our customers, we have developed a one-stop centre strategy, which implies that when customers visit Total service stations, they can purchase a wide array of petroleum products, lubricants and solar products, conveniently shop at our Caf Bonjour shops, and receive premium car care maintenance and services from our Total Service and Total Wash Concepts, Total Nigerias Executive Director, Jeff Nnamani, said.
TIGER Drylac Powder Coatings is pleased to announce the introduction of 50 standard RAL colors conveniently packaged in a new packaging size of 221b (10kg).
One aspect is that, if effective easing beyond a zero policy rate is desired, the policy rate constrained at zero will no longer conveniently summarise the stance of monetary policy and its typical transmission into the yield curve (longer-maturity interest rates) and the economy.