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the member of a group whose duty it is to convene meetings

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Letter by Dr Sattar has been dispatched a day after Bahadurabad faction of the political front filed with ECP a petition seeking to replace Dr Sattar as convener with Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui in the documents.
The meeting would be addressed by the MQM Convener Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui and other members of the coordination committee.
World Mission and Unity convener the Rev Sally Russell gave the date of the annual conference as April 28.
Heather Vais of Oak Ridges presbytery described the two days of prayer and debate with synod conveners that led to the new formula, arguing that the decision was not made lightly.
From the annual reports submitted by Provincial Conveners between 1937 and 1979, provincial health officials had ongoing reason to be grateful for the work of the Homemakers' Clubs of Saskatchewan.
If elected leaders serve as conveners or co-conveners of informal collaborative processes, however, the outcomes arrived at are more likely to receive political support and endorsement and be formally adopted.
Not content to confine their work to Kenya, Seii and her friends act as conveners of Women Direct, a network of similar organizations in 10 countries from Eritrea in the north to Tanzania in the south.
The committee, including deputy and senior conveners, duly found in repeated violations of the party constitution from February 5 till 11 stands dissolved and intra-party elections will be held on Feb 17.
Citing a section of the party constitution, Sattar announced to sack all the conveners and deputy conveners of the party in a counter move, following the party's Rabita Committee move to remove him from the convener's position after the Election Commission of Pakistan allowed MQM-P deputy-convener Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui the authority to hand out party tickets for the upcoming Senate elections.
Citing a section of the party constitution, MQM-P chief announced to sack all the conveners and deputy conveners of the party.
Scripture readings were given by the guild conveners and members of council.
He said this after attending the meeting of the District Conveners presided over by Vice President of Pakistan Football Federation and former Health Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Syed Zahir Ali Shah at his residence.
Nazir Ahmed Mughal has emphasised upon the conveners of the arrangements committees for the varsity's Academic Convocation 2012 to ensure all arrangements within the timeframe so that the academic event could be held in an impressive and attractive manner.
LABOUR and Liberal Democrat MSPs will this week attempt to oust two Nationalists and a Tory from their posts as committee conveners in the Scottish Parliament.
Back at home, Margaret kept in touch with all the presbytery campaign conveners and wrote hundreds of letters to donors, sponsors, groups and individuals.