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the member of a group whose duty it is to convene meetings

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The convener said that around ten multi-national companies had presented their paper in three-day conference in which technical aspects of their products and HVACR were discussed.
The MQM Deputy Convener said his party will field honest and educated people across the country in the coming general elections.
And committee convener Smith said: "There are certainly questions that we should be raising about the public health issues.
The Commissioner allowed the convener to adjust the number of committee members upon the situation and requirements.
Convener of the Committee, Khaqan Abbasi proposed that the price of electricity be increased for those who use it excessively.
Current council convener Alex Macdonald yesterday said he was "deeply saddened" at the news of the sudden death.
The convener of the committee instructed NHA to follow prescribed rules and regulation strictly while commencing any project in future or else sever action would be taken against violators of law.
O'Brien, 34, was made convener of Edinburgh Council's powerful economic committee and is said to be on first name terms with Prime Minister Tony Blair.
The Deputy Convener MQM assured the Prime Minister of his party's support and cooperation in maintenance of peace and order.
A council spokesman said: "The convener has expressed his personal viewpoint that the land should be for industrial use.
ISLAMABAD -- Convener, Muttahida Majlis e Amal (MMA), Maulana Fazl ur Rehman has convened the meeting of MMA to finalize its organizational structure after Eid.
Andrew Dingwall-Fordyce quit as convener of the Scottish Landowners' Federation, saying he did not want to harm their reputation.
KARACHI -- Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Deputy Convener, Farooq Sattar Wednesday said that his party will never enter into any electoral alliance in the upcoming elections.
Committee met here Monday under its convener Ramesh Lal in Ministry of Railway.
Tory Alex Johnston is also under attack for his role as rural affairs spokesman and convener of the rural affairs committee.