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circulate hot air by convection

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Because of the time delay observed in the subtropical response, we can be reasonably confident that we will be in the right places to measure this extreme LSW event, for we know through the continued efforts of our Canadian colleagues John Lazier and Allyn Clarke (Bedford Institute of Oceanography) that the LSW source continued to convect through the winter of 1995.
He and Gubbins think the mantle,which convects much more slowly than the core, is anchoring the convective rolls, and hence the lobes, in place.
But the convection zone, the region below the surface that convects heat generated deep in the interior to the surface, rotates at the surface rate.
Another idea, put forth by Raymond Hide of the Meteorological Office in Bracknell, England, rests on the twisting of the core fluid as it simultaneously rotates and convects toward the surface.
Hallet suspects that the soil convects a little bit each summer so that the patterns form after a number of freeze-thaw cycles.
The indoor air curtain reclaims solar energy in the inside cavity and convects it to the indoor space during the heating season.
Scientists are pursuing evidence to determine if the entire mantle convects (right side of diagram), or if the mantle is two-tiered (left side of diagram).