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the transfer of heat through a fluid (liquid or gas) caused by molecular motion

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(meteorology) the vertical movement of heat or other properties by massive motion within the atmosphere

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To simulate a convectional drying process a standard climate chamber (Binder KBF 240) was used drying fourteen samples at 85 [degrees]C and 15% relative humidity (RH).
The objective of this study is to determine the optimum position to install windows in thick wall apertures to minimize the linear thermal transmittance, around the windows for walls retrofitted with convectional insulation and VIPs.
Following the current convectional incarceration system, devlopment follows thw same suggestions as it is not ideal for inmates have to live with their babies in prison.
For a convectional survey on the ground, we use surveyor instruments; with GPS for larger jobs and EDMs (electronic distance measuring) with infrared laser beams, as compared to pulling steel tape measurements by hand.
The rainfall types here are convectional, characterised by massive thunderstorms, lightning, and windstorms.
Er:YAG laser posses suitable characteristics for various surgical and non-surgical procedures but randomized controlled clinical trials have to be encouraged to confirm its status as an adjunct or alternative to convectional periodontal therapy.
Polycrystalline binary oxides (Sn02:W03[logical not]) bulk sensors were prepared by convectional ceramic processing technology under different conditions.
2005) who found that the microbial reduction was similar in microwave and convectional cooking.
1 from its convectional row recursive networking structure to triangular structure; this shows strong tie between the orthogonal techniques.
In order to study the behavior of heat transfer in fluids, it is necessary to measure some properties such as thermal conductivity, viscosity, density, and thermal capacity of the fluid, in addition to synthesize various nanofluids," Emami said"Moreover, it is necessary to determine different heat transfer factors including convectional heat transfer factor in constant temperature of the tube or the constant thermal flux.
However solving (15) by using the convectional RLS algorithm can be a problem when the autocorrelation matrix R and its inverse estimate becomes ill-conditioned due to quantization effect [4].
Roofs are built in such a way to achieve convectional cooling, while the cement floors in the walkways are cast with a special material so that the cows do not slip or hurt their hooves.
Convectional welding process are found inadequate in welding Aluminum alloys because of their higher conductivity, hot cracking and high incidence of porosity.