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the transfer of heat through a fluid (liquid or gas) caused by molecular motion

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(meteorology) the vertical movement of heat or other properties by massive motion within the atmosphere

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Convection coefficients were then defined by using two reference temperature differences,
Whirlpool showed the KitchenAid Pro Line double wall oven, with microwave cooking above and convection below in 30 inches.
But there are many applications where convection is the limiting factor, and then thermally conductive plastics are a better fit.
The flow due to these gradients is termed "thermosolutal convection.
Elementary Educators Compete for Chance to Win Cash Prize for Their School in Baking Competition Featuring New LG ProBake Convection Ranges
The global microwave oven market is growing as a result of the increasing disposable income, changing living standard of consumers and rise in working class segmen - Convection market is the major contributor to the microwave oven market, growing at a CAGR of 6.
The company is now offering the flexible Blodgett SHO-E Convection Oven at industry-low pricing.
Stability of mixed convection in a differentially heated vertical channel, ASME J.
PART OF THE reason vapor phase soldering technology is increasing in popularity is that Pb-free requirements and product miniaturization drive production issues not thoroughly addressed by conventional convection reflow.
Data for modelling the influence of convection on heat transmission Air gap Closed Open Convection Natural Natural Natural and forced (grad P = 3 Pa/m) Thickness b, mm 3; 5; 10; 15 [DELTA][[theta], [degrees]C 10; 20; 30; 40 Table 2.
A mechanical convection incubator incorporates a fan that actively forces heated air through the chamber.
Researchers had thought that pollution causes larger and longer-lasting storm clouds by making thunderheads draftier through a process known as convection.
The study is the most compelling claim anyone has made about detecting giant convection cells, says Mark Miesch, an astrophysicist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo.
The lower tier features a natural-gas convection oven and a wire-mesh conveyor belt.
Kakac, Yener, and Pramuanjaroenkij offer this graduate text on convection with a practical focus, illustrating concepts with industry applications and solved examples.