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circulate hot air by convection

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Heat exchangers are used to efficiently transfer heat to a radiating and convecting surface, appearing mostly in hydronic radiant floor heating of residences and commercial buildings.
Airflow in the exhaust window and outdoor air curtain is used to remove solar energy by convecting away the excess heat during the cooling season.
to extensive melting of the continental crustal rocks--the potential exists for the occurrence of very large scale explosive eruptions in which finely fragmented magma is blasted at high speed from the vent to form a convecting eruption cloud, called a Plinian cloud, in the atmosphere.
minerals denser than magma, sink), of nucleate and grow on the floor, walls and roof of chambers from convecting magma, is debated (see Hawkesworth et al.
In addition to this plate-scale flow, plumes of hot material can rise at various places from within the convecting mantle to form ocean island volcanoes or "hotspots" such as Hawaii.
Another consequence of closed field line geometry is that the plasma potential is not necessarily a flux function, leading to the possibility of convective cells which move plasma particles without convecting energy in plasmas with constant entropy profiles.
This interface is kept track of by convecting the material labels with the fluid velocity.
The plan is based on the traditional dog-trot -- a special form developed in the South in which a central penetration between two enclosed spaces acts as a focus for breezes, so convecting out stuffy air from the rooms on either side.
This is a churning, convecting atmosphere,'' said Andrew Ingersoll, a California Institute of Technology scientist who is studying the Galileo images.
I have also inspected many attics with black mold, which is generally caused by excessive moisture convecting from the living spaces into the attic through a variety of avenues.
Stresses of the convecting mantle would have started to tear at these lithospheric weak spots, and movement would create proto-subduction, the researchers think.
Strain localization at the plate scale is crucial for the generation of plate tectonics from a convecting mantle but, while in the brittle field (producing faults) it is a well-known process, in the ductile regime within 5/6 of the plates it is still poorly understood.
Even if Venus has a convecting liquid core, the planet's 243-day spin rate is simply too slow to generate a magnetic dynamo.
Were they born when the Earth was born, somehow escaping mixing in the constantly convecting mantle?
In addition, at the plastic surface the heat flux is divided between heating and melting the powder that is in contact with the surface, and convecting heat to the remaining bulk powder.