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circulate hot air by convection

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3]) over the rate at which the generated energy is conducted by the converter structure or convected by the gas.
The controlled velocity of convected air helps prevent product damage from high-velocity air movement.
The natural gas flame of this fire is energy-efficient, as most of the heat is radiated or convected into the room.
The argument of [PHI] may contain the mean velocity, the mean velocity gradient, mean convected terms in addition to Reynolds stresses.
which is sometimes referred to as the convected, or progressive, wave equation.
If the mantle convected in a single unit, it would produce volcanic rocks with a single homogeneous chemistry.
The natural gas flame is energy-efficient, as most of the heat is radiated or convected into the room.
Such automated convected climatic control is by no means unusual these days, but in the Turkish pavilion it is more clearly articulated than in any other at Expo.
They are efficient and the heat is convected back into the room.
Rotostar was said to deliver radiant and convected heat more efficiently and evenly than other gas ovens, provide uniform top-to-bottom heat equal to fanned electric ovens, and reduce pre-heating and cooking times significantly.
For the first 4 billion years, the mantle convected in two separate layers, thereby keeping the deep mantle relatively pristine.