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circulate hot air by convection

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Claimed features for the ovens included enhanced convection and thermal cooking; a Convect Full Meal program; two halogen lights on the sides for visibility without opening the door; large capacity; better closed-door broiling; an angled roasting rack; hidden floor element; universal controls, and flush design.
If the air temperature in the sunroom drops below 50|, the heat in the earth begins to convect into the air.
In fact, Iceotope, a company that patented liquid cooling for servers in its data center, selected Novec technology to rapidly convect heat away from electronics for 24/7 free cooling.
However, when the GSA passed through a region, the surface waters became so fresh and light that even strong cooling would not allow it to convect into the deeper waters.
This is accomplished by imbedding the coordinate system within the fluid and letting it convect with the front.
Control options include: Bake, Broil, Chicken Nugget Button, Convect, Convection Conversion, Keep Warm, Pizza Button, Quick Preheat, Self-Clean, Add-a-Minute, Start Time, Timer.
The transformation from warm to colder water is a multi-year process: Wintertime winds cool the surface waters, causing them to convect or vertically overturn and mix progressively more deeply into the cooler waters beneath.
For Convect Bake and Convect Pastry, the oven accepts conventional recipe times and temperatures, then automatically reduces the temperature by 25 degrees F.
Convect Bake combines all elements with a low fan speed for multiple-rack baking.
Because of the time delay observed in the subtropical response, we can be reasonably confident that we will be in the right places to measure this extreme LSW event, for we know through the continued efforts of our Canadian colleagues John Lazier and Allyn Clarke (Bedford Institute of Oceanography) that the LSW source continued to convect through the winter of 1995.
All lower ovens have convect bake, a roast option and an EasyConvect(TM) Time and Temperature Conversion System that converts conventional times and temperatures to their convection equivalents.
SONARtrac(TM) flow meters use a patented approach, based on sonar array processing techniques, to track the velocity of turbulent pipe flows (or "eddies") as they convect past an array of piezo sensors supplied by Measurement Specialties.