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Synonyms for convalescent

Synonyms for convalescent

a person who is recovering from illness

returning to health after illness or debility


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In order to additionally improve the availability of convalescent plasma, Cerus and study investigators are working together with the American Red Cross and America's Blood Centers to establish a nationwide network of plasma collection sites to access recovered Ebola patients.
Until recently, convalescent plasma therapy was limited to transfusing whole blood collected from the survivor directly into the patient.
Convalescent blood therapies were used sporadically during the Ebola outbreaks of 1976 and 1995, with mixed and scientifically inconclusive (because there was no control group) results.
WHO director general Margaret Chan said the agency will work closely with the affected countries to stop the sale of blood used as a convalescent serum in the black market.
Since the written ministerial statement on November 29, 2013, a further NHS investigation has been commissioned in relation to Woodhouse Eaves Children's Convalescent Home in Leicester," he con-firmed.
One of the benefits of convalescent plasma treatment in patients with severe influenza A infection is that it does not suffer from the problem of drug resistance," said study author Kowk-Yung Yuen, MD, of the University of Hong Kong in China.
The police determined the money and property stolen from the convalescent home were worth about $40,100.
Brain natriuretic peptide and adrenomedullin levels were studied in the acute and convalescent phase of ARE Adrenomedullin was detected by enzyme immunoassay kit of peptides, while brain natriuretic peptide was measured by a commercially available instrument.
The Paignton convalescent home is very popular with our older members and there's always demand for trips and outings during their stay.
The period of infection was divided into the prepatent phase in which no apparent infection was evident, an acute phase in which a rapid increase of the parasitemia and the hematocrit reduction were conspicuous and a convalescent phase subjectively considered as a marked decrease in parasitemia, after treatment of the infected animals with Oxytetracycline.
Bernard-shepherd mix puppy who sat in her lap at the Mayflower Gardens Convalescent Hospital reception lounge.
The distributor of wheelchairs, hospital beds and other convalescent aids, currently in about in about 6,500 s/f at 319 Nassau Blvd.
MRS SYLVIA SHALER sent in this picture following recent Pix of the Past of convalescent homes.
Northern Police Convalescent Centres, the organisers of the courses, admitted they were "surprised" that officers from Durham were choosing not to attend.
EVALUATIONS/MEASUREMENTS: We defined a case by positive immunodiffusion serology, a [greater than or equal to] 4-fold titer rise in complement fixation between acute and convalescent sera, or positive urinary Histoplasma capsulatum (HC) antigen.