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Synonyms for convalescence


Synonyms for convalescence

gradual healing (through rest) after sickness or injury

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Convalescence encourages your body clock to work its healing magic by re-establishing its rhythm.
ans, a laisse entendre que sa convalescence se deroulait tres bien et plus
I know of people who were unaware that the facility was available at the Rothbury Community Hospital for convalescence.
Je tiens a remercier le staff medical qui m'a pris en charge, notamment le kinesitherapeute qui a ete aux petits soins avec moi durant toute cette periode de convalescence.
Construction of an assisted living facility together and a wellness center and convalescence on land in Street Dufossez 1-3 - 7140 MorlanwelzLot 01 - closed shell covered - plasterwork - silos - outskirts of amenitiesClass D - Class 8.
Hospitals were a far different environment in those days: some patents when moving from the CRI to WNCH for convalescence following surgery etc were even prescribed bottles of Guinness, stout and soda water to aid recovery.
Product coverage: Convalescence, Meal Replacement Slimming.
In light of this, Cigna Senior Cancer Pro provides the total reassurance that customers need at every stage from diagnosis and treatment through convalescence, with all-round support including a second medical opinion, a lump sum cancer protection and convalescence benefits.
Her stay at the Ropner Convalescence Home had done its job.
It is the latest in a string of health issues for the 61-year-old leader, who has accumulated more than a month of convalescence this year for such conditions as sore throat, hip pain and a sprained ankle.
e best way of getting old people out of acute wards is to move them to convalescence units.
Peter's Police Convalescence and Treatment Center, where he was a patient.
He'll take a period of convalescence, of approximately two months.
Because of the fall, the person suffers from a broken leg which has caused a lot of inconvenience during his convalescence.
He has been advised that he will require a substantial period of convalescence and he will therefore not be undertaking any engagements in the immediate future.