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an aggregation or continuous network of urban communities

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HS2 would cause the conurbations to grow even more, accelerating the migration of people from far flung rural areas to add to congestion of built-up areas.
If this carries on we'll end up with a sprawling conurbation from Warwick up to Nuneaton and across to Solihull.
But those days are over, and with them rapid economic growth in Europe's conurbations, whose gross domestic product increased by 1.
The average proportion of the buses' exhaust inhaled by students was 27 grams per million, with the highest value 100 grams per million; outside, people breath 5-15 parts per million of exhaust in a typical US urban area, and 50 per million in large conurbations.
As the construction of expensive apartments progresses along Dumballs Road, the land the Pavilion occupies has become a prime piece of real estate and the community of Butetown will soon be hemmed in by modern conurbations.
To be sure, Kansai's two other major conurbations, Kyoto and Kobe, have their fair share of ugliness.
He discusses how methods can be used to ensure these new conurbations offer the highest standard of living while maintaining the environment.
After a meeting attended by brewers, cider makers and wholesalers, director general Alan Toft said the FWD would be actively promoting the Blueprint by blitzing independent retailers in big conurbations.
The many 'isms' -- Modernism versus Classicism, realism versus historical revival, and Functionalism versus form -- reflect the politicization of architectural thought, most noticeably in the two largest conurbations of Madrid and Barcelona.
Net immigration is very highly focused on the large conurbations that serve as the country's main entry points or are home to earlier immigrant communities, with London being by far the most important destination (Champion et al.
Coral are opening 30 units, mostly in conurbations, a reduction from the 50 shops operating in a trial run this spring.
With strengths like these as key elements of our attractive vehicle concept, travel will take on new meaning - particularly in large urban conurbations like the Rhine-Main area.
Putting Manchester airport 59 minutes from London begs a similar question - how on earth is that going to help the future prosperity of Sunderland, Newcastle and the conurbations of both?
Better public transport is essential to the continued economic and social regeneration of one of the country~s greatest conurbations.
While we, in this great sprawling metropolis mess, bicker over stupid and meaningless boundaries of authority, certain conurbations up North get on with their collective spirit of thinking and put aside immature differences.