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an aggregation or continuous network of urban communities

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Conurbation Vichy Val d~Allier, shall consult, to purchase its insurance policy, guaranteeing all or part of the financial risks associated with statutory welfare of its staff, in accordance with laws and regulations governing the Statute of the Public Service Region.
Centro members voted to keep half-price child bus fares and free travel on trains and trams in the conurbation, which had also been under threat.
But local residents say the plans will destroy Coventry's identity, blurring the boundary between the city and other conurbations.
The IPS-based estimates available for Merseyside do little more than indicate that this particular conurbation is little affected by these exchanges.
To protect the CracEw conurbation, the Sandomierz-Tarnobrzeg industrial and agricultural area, and selected towns on tributaries.
The controversial ideas have emerged from a summit meeting on Wednesday involving the leaders of the seven council leaders in the conurbation - Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Sandwell, Dudley, Walsall, Solihull and Coventry.
Birmingham and the Black Country Wildlife Trust has been creating new nature sites across the urban conurbation and now wants communities to suggest more.
We have been part of the huge conurbation around the M62 corridor ever since it was built.
The conurbation of Birmingham and the Black Country and its satellite towns are a single mass - people travel freely from one place to another and challenges in housing, transport and education can only be addressed on a conurbation-wide level.
Middlesbrough lies at the heart of the Teesside conurbation and the wider Tees Valley city region which is home to 720,000 people.
But average rises on most routes, including those in the West Midlands conurbation, are expected to be no higher than one per cent above inflation, the DfT said.
Barely 25 years old, Vasconi's building is the last remaining fragment of the huge Renault manufacturing plant at Boulogne-Billancourt, on the south-west edge of the Paris conurbation, before it was gradually decentralised.
Had just a small percentage of them come to fruition we would now be the largest and richest conurbation in the country,if not the world.
The "patch" would be enormous, of course, and would include a conurbation (Teesside), a small city (Durham) and an awful lot of countryside.
Currently, Orange s 4G network offers coverage to the complete Tarragona conurbation, comprising the URV campus area, the Imperial Tarraco area down to the coast, and the outlying areas of Sant Pere i Sant Pau and Bonavista.