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A composite narrative, The Hopkins Conundrum links the stories of present-day publican Tim Cleverly, businesswoman and Hopkins fan Chloe Benson, thriller writer Barry Brook, Jesuit priest and poet Gerard Manley Hopkins, and five German nuns traveling aboard the Deutschland in 1875.
Inspired by a terrible holiday with his ex on the trail of blockbuster Holy Grail novel The Poussin Conundrum, Tim hits on a plan to drum up more trade.
We are excited to deepen our partnership with Conundrum and look forward to further growing the platform in the coming years.
Gemma, by email Hi Gemma I love a conundrum - especially when I have the answer
But with what seems like more and more disasters and demands for inquiries it's a conundrum that needs sorting for the sake of grieving families left in limbo for years on end.
collect 20 case studies from the Clinical Care Conundrum series in the Journal of Hospital Medicine, along with introductory chapters on clinical reasoning and cognitive error and diagnostic safety.
com/research/wc4dtv/unraveling_the) has announced the addition of the "Unraveling the Conundrum of Cloud Pricing" report to their offering.
A recent report suggests that if the United Kingdom is to handle its aviation conundrum successfully, it needs a larger airport, either at Heathrow or Luton.
And if your goal is to raise money to support Jews and the Jewish Homeland, youare left with quite a conundrum, a veritable hornetas nest.
QUANTUM Conundrum is a physicsbased puzzle where you progress from room to room, solving ever-more complex problems by using a fancy sci-fi gizmo to alter your surroundings and the objects within it.
Designed to challenge even the strongest puzzle solvers, Conundrum combines mathematical and alphabet puzzles in a nine stage game.
Hugh Nickerson at Conundrum Consulting is handling initial applications, which c a n b e m a d e o n l i n e b y attaching a CV and quoting LB210 at apply@conundrum.
What initially seemed to be a conundrum had a logical explanation.
Graeme Base is back with another conundrum, puzzle, mystery or enigma.
Recommended for anyone facing the conundrum of which translation of the Bible to acquire.