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Synonyms for contusion

Synonyms for contusion

an injury that doesn't break the skin but results in some discoloration

the action of bruising

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In those cases in which a contusion is suspected, a follow-up examination is indicated.
1,13,14) However, in 1975, Trinkle et al concluded that many patients with flail chest could be managed in a manner similar to that used in the treatment of pulmonary contusion with a regimen that included analgesia, supplemental oxygen, strict maintenance of intravascular volume, CPAP, and tracheobronchial toilet.
Fear can bring a shadow of contusion on any decision that one has to make in life.
When a fireman's hose wrapped around her ankle, she got a contusion that led to an infection.
The action ends a period of contusion for American two-year colleges near international borders.
Even if the taxpayer had consulted Treasury publications, the taxpayer would probably arrive at the same contusion as the software package and file an inaccurate return.
Toshimi Kuwabara was rushed to a nearby hospital but died of brain contusion around 8 a.
6] Initial investigations may not reveal significant axial skeletal damage despite high energy transfer and resultant lung contusion, because of the elastic nature of the child's chest wall.
The Scotland goalie is thought to have suffered a contusion to the kidney in a sickening onfield clash on Wednesday night.
Nash reportedly skipped the Lakers' morning shoot around, to undergo treatment on the contusion on the lower portion of his left leg.
Pendant l'entraEnement d'hier (lundi), le joueur a subi une contusion au mollet de la jambe droite.
The man has a broken skull, contusion and bleeding in the brain.
Several women had psychological shock, two police officers have superficial eardrum injuries, one national security officer received a mild contusion.