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Synonyms for contusion

Synonyms for contusion

an injury that doesn't break the skin but results in some discoloration

the action of bruising

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During the first ODI in Wellington Fakhar Zaman sustained a contusion to his right thigh while fielding.
The first one diagnosed that it was a benign tumor with bone contusion around it.
Two cases (10%) showed spinal cord contusion and in one case (5%) the spinal cord was lacerated.
Therefore, CXR at admission might underestimate the severity of a pulmonary contusion.
It would certainly be very unusual to suffer a bone contusion in the manner in which you describe.
Parallel elongated curvilinear contusion lines (loop marks) encircling a limb may result from a rope, belt, or cord used as a whip.
Christy was briefly hospitalized over the altercation and said she suffered a contusion because of the glass hitting her.
Thankfully we didn't find any bone damage or fractures but there is a large contusion.
The case involved the person who was run over by a car and received multiple injuries, including those on the most vital parts of the body, double fracture of the collarbone, rib fractures, bruised lungs, liver contusion, multiple fractures of the pelvis, and breaking open a bone of the right foot and injury in thoracic aorta artery.
Thoracic injuries consisted predominantly of pulmonary contusions, rib fractures, flail chests and blunt cardiac injury, the incidence of pulmonary contusion being highest in the paediatric group.
A Kyrgyz border guard got contusion in the result of the armed incident on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border on July 10, the State Border Service of Kyrgyzstan said.
2) Cerebral contusion is a common type of TBI that can result from a variety of traumatic etiologies and can result in a wide range of disabilities, depending on location and severity.
The lung contusion was assessed by the number of lobes involved.
Contusion The underlying tissues are damaged by a blunt instrument but the skin remains intact in this type of injury.