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arrogantly insolent

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FOLLOWING my item about Tony Bennett's cheap party at the Royal Albert Hall, reader Richard Budgen writes: "I suppose it would have been too much to expect Scurra to have made any mention of the quality of the Tony Bennett concerts at the Royal Albert Hall; instead of making contumelious comments about the backstage facilities at the RAH.
But if he sack fair Athens, And take our goodly aged men by th'beards, Giving our holy virgins to the stain Of contumelious, beastly, mad-brain'd war, Then let him know, and tell him Timon speaks it, In pity of our aged and of our youth, I cannot choose but tell him that I care not.
I offered this idea to Jim Farry and he told me that homologation would be a matter for the appropriate SFA committee and that they might turn out to be contumelious.
One such unfortunate was a director interviewed by the Medveds but apparently unaware of the contumelious nature of the book they were planning.
This letter is not written in a contumelious spirit.
28) were in stark contrast to the contumelious and truculent words contained in a letter to the editor from Eugene across the page, characterizing grass seed farmers as "contemptuous, greedy and arrogant.
As one who participated in those events here in the Northwest, I Can attest to the exhilaration and sense of hope that tens of thousands felt as we managed to derail the smug and contumelious mandarins of the WTO.