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in a rebellious manner

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i) being a witness before a Chamber or a Single Judge, contumaciously refuses or fails to answer a question;
And it's one that most contumaciously achieved its final fulfillment with Alla Nazimova, the last of our living thin Jewish Salomes, who brought the fin de siecle into the moment of modernity.
the Prime Minister, the Federal Minister for Law, Justice and Human Rights Division and the Federal Secretary Law, Justice and Human Rights Division for committing contempt of this Court by persistently, obstinately and contumaciously resisting, failing or refusing to implement or execute in full the directions issued by this Court in its judgment delivered in the case of Dr.
By contumaciously refusing or failing to answer questions as a witness, Mr.
14, 1994) ("[A] witness who refuses or fails contumaciously to answer a question relevant to the issue before a Chamber may be found in contempt of the Tribunal.
1111/2007 Titled M/S SIZA Foods (Pvt) Ltd, show that the lessee has moved a contempt application against the CDA management that it was contumaciously violating the order of the Supreme Court (SC) and wanted to guillotine their business at a premature stage.
is not warranted because it does not appear that the plaintiff willfully and contumaciously failed to appear for an examination before trial and provide complete responses to the discovery demands.
On 6 August 1455, there followed another executory order, naming the bishop of Ceuta as the executive judge and threatening with excommunication those who would refuse to obey or attack contumaciously the terms of the Bull and associated documents (Monumenta Henricina, 12: 162-6 (doc.